Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Homeschooling 101: Life is a picnic in the park


Last Monday, Dec.5 saw us at the Aspire Park for a closing Picnic with the Doha Home Educators parents and kids.
I’d say, we were all in all approximately a group of 60-70 heads.
It was such a lovely day with a cool weather..the sun was not biting at all.
The green grass was so lovely and the sky so blue.
Picture perfect.
Marina had a chance to bond with some new found friends and strolled to a nearby bridge and had photos with them. She has been reminding me to ask one mom for copies. She told me also about a newcomer to the group who is Irish. She was so amused by the young lady’s accent.
My little one surprised me by her self confidence level. She went to the playground herself in search for her sister.
I had to remind her though not to do that without telling me…since I was busy chatting and did not realize she strolled away…anyway, it was a nice feeling for me to see her walking back from the playground after I realized  around 2 minutes that she was not around.
She also claimed her certificate of attendance under the big tent when her name was called without need for encouragement. Her big sister was beaming with pride and happiness too seeing her do this.
They are so looking forward to the spring Co-op next year.
Hope it does not run conflict with our March 2017 plans.
Hopefully, no more flu bouts that cost us 2 sessions.

Ending this blog with some photos and some thoughts on how to teach our kids to have  a good sense of self and yet truly humble in the face of adversity or rejection.

Life on earth has this mark; it cannot be without burden. This is normal. Faith brings no illusion of a life without consequences and demands. Being open to the imperfections of human nature — being subject to time; being limited by space; being affected by human emotions and relations; becoming vulnerable to pain and sickness.
Let us make (our kids) them experience our presence and concern. Let us share with them the gift of our time and attention, and the gift of our active listening and understanding.

Thus, although life is not always a nice walk in the park, we can still make the best of the situation by having a smile in the heart knowing we are loved and accepted as we are no matter what.

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