Thursday, December 1, 2016

HomeSchooling 101: Going Vananas! Let's build our Home School!

December 1,2016

My sleep was rested, but, many times, I woke up having extended thoughts of this and that and a dream of mom and dad.

Mom and dad were busy tinkering about their unfinished home. It was roughly finished but had a very good vision of things to come with the right amount of time, effort and resources.

Have been wondering the message since 5am this morning.

Dad’s first year death anniversary is fast approaching and I just verbalized to a good friend that I have been so sad and morose about it all.

It is only these past few days that I have been zealous to wipe off the dusty cobwebs from my mind and the gloomy rainy weather here in Qatar has not been helping much.

Anyway,  Marcelina and I are still trying to battle the nasty cough we have as a residue of the awful bout we had with fever. Marina started it on the 14th of November and battled it for almost a week while Marcelina and I had a long extended fight with it. It was most relentless and virulent.

I am on my 2nd bottle of cough syrup (made in France) which taste so heavenly like Vanilla Ice Cream while Marcelina is content with a bottle made in Jordan and tastes like green tea.

Anyway, today, the question I want to pursue is this:

Have you fully grasped your life’s purpose?

Contemplating on the past 6 weeks with Doha Home Educators and the wonderful photos of my kids and other home schooled kids, makes me really happy and grateful for the journey I have had with  the inspiration and then the decision to home school the girls.

It is not easy to stay on course especially when challenges come that almost always blows out your steam or steals the wind from your sail.

The almost decade of  pursuing education inside our home was not easy to say the least…but oh so worth it when  I see my 5 year old  so diligent to finish her seat work and   bask in their dad’s reaction to her work. He  thought it was Marina’s work…

So, yes, this morning, the sun is thank God shining so brightly, and  the course is still set at acquiring education within our home, with our own efforts and timetable whether  people around approves of   it or not.

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