Wednesday, May 14, 2014

VLOG Number 1

Magnificent May 14.2014

I am blogging for yesterday.

Since the scorching heat has descended here in the land of sands, our activities has moved more to the early evening so we can make the best of the cooler air. We love, of course, going to the nearby park.

We had our badminton games in the common area of our flats, which I prefer to call, our courtyard ( please excuse my frustration of English estates and castles, hahaha!)…anyway, we started at 6pm.. to avoid the heat.

Yesterday, we started around 5pm, and oh me oh my, it felt like a sauna bath.

Very good for burning fat.

Here is a recap of my food intake:

Breakfast:  Kellog’s cereals    ( 1 bowl) with sugar and milk  
( making a mental note to use honey next time)

Lunch:  yummy and lovingly prepared Vietnamese Spring Rolls.      ( maybe had more than 7 rolls) while Marcelina had around 5. Happy mom!

Snacks:  handful of raisins &  fried peanuts ( cooked by Ruel)

Dinner:  5  rolls  leftover from Lunch and approximately  1 bowl  of Vermicelli soup with minced chicken meat and carrots plus  yellow ginger, onions and garlic with a few slices of Baguio Beans.

As to my water intake, 10 glasses. Very good. I will try to measure our glass as to how much it really can contain tomorrow.

I did a video earlier....VLOG, but, it takes like forever to upload it. I still have yet to find a way on how to do it faster.

My goals for tomorrow, be more accurate in my measurements of my food portions.

Thank you God for another  fulfilling day!

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