Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello Quinoa!

Magnificent May 7,2014

Tonight, my dear friend Jazeela introduced me to her cooking.

Yummy spicy chicken with lots of Capsicum.  So yummy!

She paired it off with sauted Quinoa.

She has been raving about this to me.

And I am now a passionate believer.

I just love this  discovery.

It is a good source of dietary fiber, protein, calcium, Vitamins and minerals.

It is almost like a cereal grain but it is of the grass family.

The seeds are the one that is edible.

I ate a handful and it was filling enough.

My goodness, I am going to hunt it in Lulu. It cost QR44/ 450 gm. And comes all the way from Peru.

I believe,  its nutritional and dietary benefits is worth every Riyal.

Thanks to Jazeela again, I know my latest weight. I hesitated to print it since, it is quite frustrating after the more than 2 months of no rice.

The  softdrink and super fatty burgers and fries we ate the other night for Mari’s bday  might be the culprit.

Tonight as well, since  we were invited by another neighbor for their daughter’s 6th bday  party  I onceagain broke the resolve to stay away from the  Coke.

Again, tomorrow is another day.

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