Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Marina!

Marvelous May 4,2014

Last night I saw pictures of you when you were almost 1 year old.

It was Ninang Hazel’s photos that I haven’t seen yet.

I am so amazed at how time flies.

Tomorrow, my dear Victoria Marina, you will have made me a mother for 11 years now.

You are my first born.

My trial and error.

I am writing to you openly, because, you are my first avid blog fan…as I am your first cheerleader.

I thank you for coming to my life, for making it richer and more colorful.

It has not been an easy ride.

There are times I feel lost and confused and frustrated  on how to become the best mother to you.

Do  continue to forgive Mama, when I am not so loving, and more stern to you.

Do remember the many, many times, Mama truly, made you feel LOVED and SPECIAL.

Because you truly are, LOVED and very SPECIAL.

Giving you the gift of a sister, does not make that LOVE any less, nor you LESS SPECIAL.

Mama’s heart is so big and wide, it can accommodate you both comfortably, with more, overflowing for refill.

Thank you for being  just you, my artist in residence, my future Consellor, who can argue and debate with me and put me in check when I am not being consistent with my talk.

Always remember the values of  God, Prayer and Family, and you will always make me happy and proud to be simply called, Mama.

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