Sunday, September 14, 2014

For One More Day With Mom

September 14,2014

It is mom’s 78th birthday today.

I have been avoiding writing about her lately because, missing her is a bit painful this year. Why? Well, suffice it to say, that these are the times, I would need a mother’s presence and  words most .

 I cannot help celebrating the month of September without   remembering or  honoring  my mother’s memory.

September is also the nativity month of  my powerful , spiritual mother, Our Blessed Lady.

It is not easy.

I am bombarded with thoughts and consideration of the inevitable, our own, my own mortality.

I just realized again, with much regret and remorse,  that we do not know the time or the manner, but,  death, is most certain.

The picture and  gruesome news of how some  people were robbed of their life, has left me, quite shaken to the core.

It is quite an insecure and  uncomforting thought.

That is why, I seek comfort and refuge, that my Lord and my Savior, has conquered death for me, already.

The battle has been won.

I simply have to make my decision, to follow  with faith, hope and love safely tucked in my heart , mind and soul.

A few weeks ago, by chance, a book fell into my lap and it has signaled the theme of my blog today.

Mitch Ablom’s For One More Day.

What if we are given a chance to spend one more day with a lost love one, how would we spend it?

What are the questions we would ask?

What are the places and activities we would do?

Oh how I long to snuggle  in bed with my mom.

Spend quiet times with her.

Listen to the beating of her heart.

Hold her  arms and hands.

Cherish the visible veins in her hands with all the years of child care  for 9 kids.


Wonder how painful the swelling of her  uric acid build up in the tips of her fingers that has given her the trade mark shape. Like  tamarind shells.

Last year, around October, I was blessed to see her in a dream. She was all smiles. She was most radiant.

Oh, how, I long to see her that way again.

To see her beam over her grandchildren.

To  update her of  their growth milestones.

I would love for her to listen to  her namesake, Marcelina or Lilli, who, exclaimed, the other day, at McDonalds play area, much to the delight of her Ate, “ Oh, this is just so interesting!” mimicking her favorite pig, Peppa!

I am sure, mom would  be super pleased at how her Marina loves to hear stories of her. How she loves the  crossword puzzle. How she  loves to read and how her granddaughter pursues these  linguistic pleasures as well.

And,  maybe, how she would gently remind me of my figure.  I have not yet been serious about one of her last directives to me, to maintain a pleasing shape.

And, how, I would  bask in her non-critical  encouragement to take care of myself better.

Knowing, without the need to hear the words, that she truly loves me, just for being me.

Mom, thank you.

I so miss you!

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