Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Sweet Qatar Life

Awesome April 30,2014

Last night was a super exciting night. I did not have the energy to blog anymore. So today, I will do 2.

Marina and I eagerly prepared for a cake decorating contest in Lulu-D Ring road. We learned about it last Monday, unfortunately, we were rushing to go home and promised to come back Tuesday. Unfortunately, we were not able to since, the plumber promised to come and we got so caught up with home school lessons that I said, Wednesday will be a better day.

And so it was.

My cake’s theme was supposed to have been: Happy Sweet Qatar Life.

It would supposed to have been covered in chocolate shavings with a stencil of a pearl right smack in the middle of the circular white cake.

Then on the sides, we would have made different lengths of Kit-kat bars showing the Doha skyline. I had a grand ambition of making a favorite landmark building with the use of  sliced banana dipped in yellow food coloring and a straight steeple on top of it. Then alternate with the skyline will be date trees using Kiwi sliced fruits as the foliage, Maltese (sliced) as the tree trunk, then grape stalk as the dates. I would have used crushed peanuts as the sand around the sea shell.  Right smack in the middle of the shell would have been a mother of pearl like rambutan with a choco gold coin behind it as halo.

Since the contest was at 7pm we were very early in the venue . 530 pm we started gathering our materials from the supermarket. I intended to prepare my own although Lulu management would provide sprinkles, cherries etc. I wanted to go beyond what they have. Besides, one of the organizers mentioned to me that they wanted new ideas for their cakes. And so, I was determined to give them just that.

A breath of fresh air!

Unfortunately, much to my dismay, a much smaller white icing cake was provided. Perhaps the diameter of only 4 inches. My shell stencil was made for a much bigger cake of around 6 inches or more.

And, the presence of a lot of people as audience and my co-participants, all in black abayas, put me in a pressure cooker moment.

My hands shaked a bit during the first 3 minutes while I was on the spot light with another contestant beside me. We worked in pairs at a time.

Ruel did not stop teasing me about it later on.


I told him, at least, I  entertained him.

Anyway, I was in for the experience. That was the fun and prize built in.

I did not mind what the exciting prizes as promised awaited us…I just wanted the simple exercise of using my creativity.

Another bonus, while waiting for the contest to begin, I saw Marina. She is the girl, or should  I say, lady, that I sat beside to while my Marina joined a poster making contest back in September of thereabouts last year in the multipurpose building of Our Lady of the Rosary church.

I never got to get her number and she was such a nice chatterbox to be with. I have been hoping to see her again.

And so, in  the perfect time, my wish had been granted.

I now have her number and have promised to see each other with the kids soon.  In sha Allah.

And so, God, in His goodness, has granted me my simple prayer to meet this wonderful person again and enjoy the day with Ruel and the girls.

Thank you God you are so amazing!

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