Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To Win or To Win Over?

To Win or To Win Over ? To Eliminate the Enemy or to Eliminate Enmity?

The other night, my husband and I just quietly observed and rejoiced over our 10th year anniversary as partners for life.
The following day, yesterday, my youngest daughter turned 8 months.
My by line for my eldest was: Lilli is 8, Mari is 9, Dad & I are 10. We are 8,9 and 10.
Neat row of numbers.
But life is seldom neat.
Oh, how I wish it was always like a glossy cover of a Interior Design Magazine.
But, the snags and tears of day to day living do make us ragged.
In fact, physical stress is already taking it’s toll, what more for emotional issues that really burden.
Lilli woke me up early for her bottle.
And I thought of doing my Kerygma Bible guide and reflection. Only Jan.31 was available.
The skies in the horizon are cloudy and grey.
Tsk. A reflection of my harried soul.
This moments of “alone time” is quite a luxury.
My to do list is quite formidable. Baby care and house work do really demand time and attention…and the rest are relegated for the later when time and extra energy permits.
The pesky alarm turned on.
Baby Lilli is now crying for attention.
Let me try to ignore her a bit.
Last night, I brought her up early to bed as soon as she fell asleep.
Mari and I were sharing the laptop screen with some barney video and my backlog EDR 210 Lessons.
Lilli interrupted us with her groans and moans. She did not cry. She just changed her position and tried to beckon for us with her unusual sounds.
Okey. She has stopped cry. It wasn’t the full blown COME HERE NOW type anyway. Just the one two type that says where art thou?
Just in the next door room my dear.
Thanks for giving me this moments to clear my head and heart.
So thus here I go:
I forgive quite a number of people for playing with my emotions which has involved my young ones. I forgive you and forget this incident. In Jesus might name.
I forgive E for her snobbery and indifference. In Jesus mighty name, let the enmity be eliminated for the nth time.
I forgive P,J, D, W for ignoring my plea. I forgive you in Jesus mighty name.
I forgive M for being so unwieldy and stubborn. I forgive you in Jesus mighty name.
Finally, I forgive myself for my string of failures. I forgive you for not living up to my diet resolve. I forgive you for entertaining a mild health scare just for you to go on a regulated rice intake diet.
I forgive you for getting into a financial mess with a credit card company that finds ways to really skin you alive.
Thank God we are out of it.
I forgive you for being a little green, not the positive kind, and giving in to the gloating and jealousy targeted actions of some people that try to rub it into you that you are part of the “have not” phase. In Jesus mighty name, I forgive and let go.
The mighty glorious sun is once again streaming into this east window.
Timing is just perfect.
I feel the Lord’s wonderful healing touch permeating into every pore of my body. Ridding me of tough psychic toxins. Enveloping me with his love and blessings as I let go and Let God take over.
Jesus let me win over enmity that has taken a thresh hold in my heart over my not so amiable relations.
The way of God’s kingdom is to win over by reason, dialogue and love. Winning over also “eliminates” the enemy because it resolves the enmity, and so the enemy is transformed into a friend.Fr. Joel Jason

REFLECTION QUESTIONS: In resolving your conflicts with others, do you try to win or to win over? Do you try to eliminate your enemy or the enmity?

Lord Jesus, Prince of peace, transform my heart after the pattern of Your own heart. Amen.(Kerygma Bible Guide and Reflection, January 31,2012)

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