Thursday, October 20, 2011

Opulent October 20,2011

Today, I have been a witness again to how sociable and gregarious my first born is. By the way, the younger one is showing similar signs as well.
They both bask in social situations.
They both love to talk.
Marina has new playmates.
They have been practicing the Hawaiian dance we presented in last years UN DAY celebration with CFA.
This year, she is a guest student in the nearby school from Oct. 10- Nov.10.
The teachers are asking that it be extended till December so she can be part of the Christmas festivities.
I am most likely to oblige.
My neighbor asked me if Marina will go to regular/traditional school next year. I am hoping not yet. Maybe when she gets into high school. Besides, I do not like her credentials to come from several schools.
I just need the extra hand now with the new baby taking much of my time and energy.
I am still dead set on providing her with homeschooling.
Anyway, I was so amused to find out that her Rafia grass skirt is quite short now. It is like 3 inches above her ankles..when last year, you could barely glimpse her ankles.
My goodness, she shooting up so much.
She has outgrown most of her clothes now.
Getting ready to keep them for her baby sis.
Thus, today, I am so spent and yet so satisfied, that I have provided Marina with what she requires, enough social interaction and play time.
Seeing her happy makes me so content.
And as for the little one...she lavishes me with so much love and heart overflows with joy.
Thank you Lord for the gift of their presence in my life.
I cannot imagine a different lifestyle altogether without them.

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