Sunday, October 16, 2011

Opulent October 16,2011

Oh wow!
I cannot seem to find a positive adjective for this month starting with the letter O.
Spending time with my hubby on YAHOO MESSENGER.
Little LILLI just turned over her tummy.
She is trying to catch my attention while I pretend I do not notice her.
She is trying to make several sounds. Keeps looking at me. One more heart will surely melt...and will leave this for a while.
She has rested her head temporarily. shall be my theme for October?
Octoberfest 2011??
Sounds like beer festival.
maybe nah...never enjoyed beer and never will perhaps.
Hmmm...not in the same vicinity.
Not at all...
Would I want to be opulent?
Lemme think more about that.
It is almost half of the month and I have been so lacking in PEACE, HARMONY AND JOY.
Maybe I have allowed myself to be overwhelmed with the things I need to do. Forgetting the most basic...and that is myself. To rest when the baby sleeps. To do the first priorities and that is my two girls.
Unfortunately, these days, my first born has been acting up.
She has demanded a lot of time and attention.
Maybe perhaps, I have been too remiss in this aspect. Oh yes, we have our 2 hour homeschooling...but, we need to laugh more...I need to comb her hair calms her.
She at times, brings the comb to me when I forget.
Now, I really know how siblings can start to have animosity for one another...If the parent is not careful enough to provide the one on one time each child requires.
But, what to do, when the energy department is closed for replenishment.
I believe, I claim, my writing will lead me to my center once again.
I just need to keep at it.
Never to park my pen.
Or, should I say, click on my keyboards more.
I just checked the thesaurus.
I initially had a negative impression of the word opulent...since it may mean excesses...extravagance...or lavishness...
But, it can also mean, abundance, richness, fullness, prosperous, exhuberance...plentiful.
So, yes, I want my October Opulent...and so it shall be.
Not, pretentious...just positive reinforcement.
Not imaginary...envisioning.
And this it shall be.

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