Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jubilant July 2011

Jubilant July 13,2011

It seems to be ages since I last penned some words or lines.

Baby is starting to show signs of fuzziness as her feeding time approaches.

Baby bath water is being heated in my new stove that takes a while to heat up since it has an automatic shot off mechanism...anyway, will take time to write.

My goals in blogging are still the same...i.e. to find some form of release of a lot of thoughts in my head that can get to be knotted and bolted now & then/ if I do not find coherence or any rhyme or reason as to the why’s and why nots of life's challenges.

Also, I hope to be able to transform day to day ordinariness of living into simple abundance pursuits of actualization.

I hope to be able to spin gold with hay available.

Thanks for being joinning me in this journey.

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