Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Street lights & Tomahawk

Joyful July 19,2011
7:30 a.m.

Thank God for a relatively restful night. I was able to sleep from around 1030pm to 2am without interruption for LILI’s feeding. Her next feeding session was at 5a.m. She slept right away after being diaper changed 2x. Usually her schedule is 12 am, 3 am and 6am with a lot of play and cooing time before she dozes back off.
Yes, diaper change twice. It usually happens that after cleaning her off urine soaked Mamy Poko diaper, she goes for #2 after a new one is donned.
Oh well, that is life.
LILI, has not yet mastered the art of scheduling her poop. It toggles between 6am and 11am.


I had to take a short break from writing since LILI complained about being on tummy time and was ready for another feeding.
Me oh my, the intervals with this new Milk formula is not anymore 3-4 hours but 2.5 hours.

Yesterday, we trooped to the grocery for LILI’s 3rd trip out of the house. First was for her baptism. 2nd, last Thursday for my weekly prayer meeting, which, I have missed for a while now. This was followed with a visit to grandpa who just came in from a 3 week vacation in our birthplace-Zamboanga City.

Pedia visits are not included in this count BTW.

And so, LILI was amazed by the different lights and ceilings in Robinson’s forum. Good thing for her peach headband, the mistake of thinking she is a boy with her tomahawk hairstyle was nil.

I dunno why, the middle part which is the top part of her head, all her hair there want to stand, yes, tomahawk style. Hmm, making her look like a boy.

Anyway, she had the headband on with a lot of thick hair behind it all standing in attention.

The trip back home in the taxi was quite interesting, cause her eyes was so bright trying to figure out the different lights in the buses and other vehicles around us plus the buildings too.

Ate Marina was happy to have her hair rubber bands and new slippers for outdoors safely tucked in the shopping bags and of course, the most important extension cord for her electric fan to be much closer to her at night.

I am so happy and satisfied that a lot of things have been accomplished. Maybe we can schedule another date for the trip to the bookstore which can take up a lot of time with Marina and I. The aisles there are not so friendly to my infant stroller.

Sign off time now to take care of dirty bottles.

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