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Joyfuly July 15,2011

Allow me to share about diapers, formula milk, breastfeeding & help.

A newly given birth mom needs all the help that she can get. It is so highly impossible that she can do it alone. Maybe after 3 months she can try going it all alone. But, like in my case, my C-Section wound got an infection because it somehow cracked open when I suddenly sneezed. So, now & then it would still bleed. Walking more than 5 minutes is so much of a challenge. Thus far, I have had a handful of errands out of the house. Very snap and zap moments. Solo & eager to get back to feed my new born.

That is why my invaluable help from my next door neighbour Ate Eleanor is so much prized and am so much indebted.

The attempt to get myself a full time help is a path I tread not for fear of past horrifying experiences. I am so faint hearted to muster guts to even try the search.

Accepting the fact that I need all the help I can get, is so liberating. By God’s amazing grace, it is there.

Breastfeeding is a fulfilling endeavour. Especially when you hear the vigorous slurp of sucking. It is so comforting to know that one has provided the little one with the very best source of nourishment & immunity from diseases. But then, eating right is a must and must go hand in hand with it.

I forgot that eggs and other dairy products can wreak havoc to the baby’s digestion causing the most annoying colic for her. When I sniffed the familiar eggs from the baby’s breaking of a little research as made me really sit up and watch my diet. So, here I am still aiming to get my 12 glasses of water so my milk production with increase.

Currently I am doing mixed feeding. The pedia at birth gave Ana Marcelina SIMILAC PLUS... but with the terrible bout of colic, I switched to SIMILAC HW which provides Whey protein. But maybe, after her 3rd 400g can, I want again to switch to the lactose free option, cause I want to stay away from cows milk.


I so bless the soul who invented the diaper. But then, not all diapers are made the same as not all baby bottoms are alike.

It was so nice that in VRP Medical Ctre, I was flooded with all sorts of diaper samples. Thus, I had the chance to try out several brands.

DRYPERS, nah. The tape is so hard & tough, it can hurt the baby’s tummy or skin.

PAMPERS COMFORT. No thanks. They leak easily and get botched when wet. It can get ugly when it turns odd in shape with sogginess.

EQ....comes in cute colors but, cannot withstand baby’s so active leg movements....leaks is a common occurrence. Out with it.

So far, my top 2 choices are Huggies Comfort Dry & Mamy Poko. No hard waist tape band. No leaks.

You may shell out a few more pesos, but it goes a long way even up to 12 hours per diaper.

Now, what about, diaper rash and those expensive ointments. None for me. I use cloth diaper now and then. It is such a treat to see her in the old fashion clothing. Just make sure you she is not ready to pee on you.

Note to self. Get myself a good piece of plastic panties so the use of the cloth diaper may last a bit longer especially during the nights without wetting the whole bed or crib.

So finally, finished this short piece in 2 days. Ana Marcelina has changed her sleeping schedule. Usually she is asleep from 6am to 11am or right after her morning bath at 11. But...she has been mostly awake during the day now.

So, have to be content with the creation of blog snippets only.

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