Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To move or not to move, that is the question?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sept.3, 2013

It is the 3rd day of this brand new month!

My energy level is waning a bit. It is telling me something. Slow down. Rework how I am doing things. Several days now, I have been skipping breakfast...still touted to be the most important meal of the day.

This morning, I had my hot coffee in the kitchen with Marina while she ate her cereals with me by the miniature ref and me by the sink. She sitting on the coleman ice chest of last Saturday’s activity and me on Ruel’s handy man work- miniature bench.

It was so calming to feel the warmth of the honey sweetened drink reach my stomach and made me feel good and cozy.

I felt like being a bit philosophical with her then leading to being spiritual in my early morning talk. I hope it touched her inner core as much as my kafe.

Last night while we were about to end our rosary, Dennis calls on Ruel’s celphone. He is our neighbour on the 2nd floor of the right wing of this building. We were already in the hail Holy Queen part. Ruel says, Dennis is inviting us to view a just vacated unit on the 2nd floor of our wing. Out we went a little later. By the parking area, Edna and Sasha, his wife and daughter joined us. Up we trooped.

The unit #9 was 2x more spacious than our unit. The previous tenant was not very careful with cleanliness maybe that is why there were a lot of small pests that went on a reproduction spree and have ballooned it’s colony there. Yaykss!

Coming back to our unit, I tell Ruel, I have already embraced our small space and just before we started  the rosary, I was telling him for the maybe nth time, of my home transforming projects. I am sure, he could not help but notice my eagerness and excitement! Not, impatience..but just my looking forward to it and cant help talking about it trip.

Even the first time, Dennis and Edna invited us upstairs to their wing to check out a  neighbor’s unit who was planning to vacate, and  I saw how spacious their units were, I still went back to my initial nesting instincts. I have already invested a lot emotionally to our unit. I have dreamed dreams about how it will look like in one years time, I have salivated at the wealth of transforming options with it...I cannot just discard them in a whims notice.

Besides, QRS 400 is like what P4,000 a month. In 10 months, that is P40,000!!!

Maybe to some people reading this, it is like, What? Get the bigger space! Move out. Move in, now!


I am for downsizing.

I am for paring down to essentials.

Yes, I am for, living below our means. Not within. But, below it.

Perhaps, by now, I told Ruel, in one of our conversations about prioritizing  projects here, you should know by now, I am not living by Madonna’s song of being a materialistic girl.

When we were planning our wedding 12 years ago, I asked him, how much is your budget? I said, ok, I will work on half.

And so, we did.

2 years ago,  Ruel said,  electronics here are so cheap. Would you want me to bring you home a 32” flat screen tv for Christmas? I said, no. Give it to someone else.

Last year, he said, shall I buy you a gadget that plays more than 6000 karaoke songs, I said, no again, give it to someone else.

Now, again, today, as he comes home, he says, let us call  Vinnod. Let us try to haggle a better price than the asking for the unit. I said,  am ok here.  Besides, that unit has 2 very small windows looking into a small space of concrete designed to add ventilation to the units. Not for scenery or anything. You see nothing at all.

I like our unit. My window by the foyer gives me the view of the sky, the date tree tops, birds that come to perch on the grills, and a cat crawling from the nearby spout now and then to catch me by surprise at what is moving within my  vision, as I squint and stare into cyberspace as I type my blog and am caught in a moment of pause.

I am ok here.

I have embraced this small yet sacred space and will make the best of  it for the time being because I am trying to practice time tested principles that less is more, more than less of the time.

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