Sunday, September 15, 2013

" ....This is our Finest Hour " - Sir Winston Churchill

Super Sept.15,2013
It is 9:15 in the morning.
Marcelina just had her first bottle.
I have just finished 2 hours of my Stanford University Educ115n online course of How to Learn Math.
I am not sure if my answer of finding the number of cubes in the 100th case is correct..but it makes me break the mindset of getting to the answer fast and quick versus exploring the growing, thinking and learning mindset of  finding the many ways of getting to the answer.
I have to devote at least 2 hours of my time to this to beat the deadline soon approaching. I still have yet to tackle 2 parts of representing, questioning Number Sense then Algebra and more hoping to develop the  growth mindset stand of  a teacher of math to my homeschooler.

The weekend that started on a Thursday night was quite full.
Ruel and his office mate Leo, worked on the  washing machine.  Sasha and her Yaya came to invite us for dinner in their home while I just finished preparing our dinner of adobong manok, okra with bagoong and fruit salad for dessert around 7pm.
Oh, their table was groaning with delectable dishes of sweet and sour fish fillet, palabok, sisig ( not sure if it was pork) , inihaw na manok, kutchinta and Opera cake.
It was fun to be with Dennis and Edna’s friends from work. Mostly engineers from the construction firm Dennis works with.
Marina and  Marcelina had a great time playing with the other kids present. They spilled over to the park afterwards.
Marina and I had to forego our dry run painting for her painting competition the following day at the Holy Rosary church.
It was another fun day meeting 2 moms waiting for their kids in the competition last Friday. The trophies and snack goodies were very appealing and enticing.
I met Nida, a pre school department coordinator at Philippine School in Doha ( PSD)...she was so proud to share to me her only son’s art works and developing skill. She encouraged me on  how to develop Marina’s budding talent.
I also met an Indian mom named Marina. She has 2 daughters aged 10 and 6 with nice names Reyna and Alicia.
She was super fun and candid. She tells me she has been here in Doha since she was 5. She considers it her home away from India. She made me laugh so hard with her animated stories. I hope to meet her again.
Marina did a good poster depicting FAITH.
She did not get the first prize but I hope she learned a lesson in obedience big time.
We had movie marathon afterwards.
Ruel cooked arroz caldo with lots of chicken liver for us yesterday.
He and his office mate continued their washing machine operation as well and I plan to try out the newly replaced motor tomorrow.
I sure enjoyed preparing my cauliflower sauté with carrots and sliced sausages for them last night.
The kids and I tried to stay awake for Audrey Hepburn’s  My Fair Lady last night...but was more inclined to  ponder on our viewing of Winston Churchill’s biographical documentary yesterday afternoon.
Awesome statesman and public servant.
“ ...this is our finest hour!”

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