Thursday, May 19, 2011


Merry & Marvelous May 19 2011
12 noon

The past days have been very tough on me. Keeping cool in this summer heat while I am a human incubator with happiness inside me is quite a challenge.
3 showers each day does the trick in lessening the lethargy that sets in with the extreme heat.
I passed up my BFF’s offer to buy her AC for worry that the bill I will get each month might shoot up my blood pressure in place of lowering body and room temperature in my home.
The reflections of Sarah for these past few days has to do with clearing the clutter in one’s home.
I was set to tackle supervision of the clearing of the vacant room upstairs last Tuesday with Aling Lorna and Ate Eleanor as my allies...but the surprise visit of a good friend put everything on hold.
Thus, next Tuesday will be maybe the last attempt before my date with the stork, to put order, dust off, sweep and scrub the floors of the spare room and our sleeping room in the 2nd floor.
I am almost 37 weeks and my OB will determine if my 38th week is really ok for the CSECTION to be performed.
I am enlisting all the help of my friends and family to help me pray for a safe delivery of my normal and healthy new born.
Next week, will have to see me prepare my hospital bags.
SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY is Sarah’s battle cry in trying to rid her junk drawers in her home.
That will be mine too as I prepare stuff for the homecoming.
ORDER ORDER ORDER as well as I tailor fit additional expenses to the bare minimum.
Hubby is quite bit anxious that the actual costs may exceed what’s on hand.
I claim that everything will fall into place.
Blessed John Paul II, intercede for me.
Lady of La Leche, pray for me.

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