Thursday, October 14, 2010


We are now in the "ber"months and I have not blogged for 3 whole months. daughter asked me just the other night..why not?
I AM PREGNANT.5 weeks and counting.The medical article calls my baby a .28cm BLASTOCYST...for whatever it is called..I call it MY BLESSING. MY GOD'S GIFT.

I did an online calculator of the gender based on 600 years of Chinese lunar studies...and it tells me it is going to be a boy.

Well, I entrust that in the Lord's hand. Whatever it will be ,so long it is healthy and bouncing and cuddly in Jesus mighty name.

The only thing I did to try to ensure my baby's gender is to consume Alkaline water to stabilize my PH levels.

So, let us see how this goes by June of next year.

It was fun to review my entries.

I plan to join a contest soon, so I gotta get me the book needed to participate in it and will see how it fares.

Wish me luck and God's graces.

God is sooooooooooooo good....
My hubby and little girl are so happpy that I am pregnant.

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