Saturday, May 18, 2013

When God Says, Not Just Yet !

I started my day at almost 8am already. Marcelina expressed her desire for milk while half asleep. I was able to slip out of bed and the room without her objecting to it.

We slept late last night so I could finish going through Marina’s 4th grade academic books while she and her dad where doing their spelling drills on SKYPE.

 Yes, we are going homeschool again this year. Not just regular homeschooling. We are going independent. Meaning, we are not enrolling with any homeschool provider until perhaps August this year.  I am eyeing a homeschool provider that will give Marina her credentials coming from the U.S. and so, we shall see.

We are in an interim period! We are not here, nor are we there yet.

Most of the people that knew of our plans, are like, What?

Yes, me too.

But, this is what you call part of the Divine Delay. It is good!

Initially, I was like in limbo.

My time table to accomplish 1 million and 1 things was really not yet done...but, I was really eager to get it over and done with.

But, when the news came crashing through the roof...I was confused, dazed and really frustrated. But, as the days unfolded, I realized better.

God’s delay is really good!

I was able to accomplish a dent in that 1 million challenge immediately after.

2 year items in my TO DO list...miraculously got a breakthrough.

Something, I would not have accomplished if  my timetable was followed.

So, now, I am comfortable abiding by God’s perfect plan.

I just have to brace the embarrassment of people arching their brows and gloating behind my backs while feasting at my supposed misfortune.

Again, I know, God’s timing is perfect. And I will align my heart and mind to it and that is it.


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