Thursday, May 16, 2013

Creative Choices

Hi! It is almost the middle of the year and I only have 2 entries in this blogging site.

Tsk tsk.

I wish to write more because, like I have long is my passion and it my source of healing and renewal.

So, what  do I want to write  in this 28* early 7am morning?

A lot!

First, how tired and happy I was yesterday!

I washed 4 bed sheets, 3 towels and 1`shower curtain.

I mopped the floors on all fours and the dropping sweat gave me more inertia to push more. I felt for each droplet of sweat, my clogged pores were suddenly breathing and hopefully this prickly heat rash all over my body will disappear as the extreme 33* weather has!

The not so baby slept quite soundly and very long for siesta time and thus, I was able to do more ! I was able to  cook my adobong Chinese kangkong and fried hasa hasa leisurely!

Was up at 530am and by 8pm I was ready to drop.

But, again, not complainingly, still had more mommy duties to do before the 40 winks.  Then when I was really at snooze...” Mama, good night!” my first born sweetly  greeted me. .. I had to complain...I was roused before I was really able to sleep.ARghhh!!

So, what are the highlights for yesterday?

I learned to say no to the good to say yes to the best.


Simply making creative choices in the face of several options to live one’s day or life.

I had my plan but was open to the leadings of the  Divine on how to steer my day.

I wanted to meet up with some high school classmates...but,  my  baby sitter forgot about this occasion and came home late and was already so poofed out for the day. Showing up my strawberry self was not really a good idea. It would make me feel more miserable. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I hope they have forgiven me and let’s move on.

I had 2  visitors  in the morning.

1 call at noon from my high school classmate Edgar.

I had 2 phone calls in the afternoon .

It makes my heart so stout with joy that  people do take the time to reconnect. God is good!


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