Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homeschooling 101: Building Self Esteem and Social Media

Homeschooling 101: Self Esteem and Social Media

Yesterday, marked 6 days being back in the land of sands after being out for 42 days.

It was  nice to be back, and just like the girls words, it felt like truly coming home…and I wondered how it would feel like when the time comes to leave.

Anyway, due to over fatigue and  headache, I had to cancel going to a very important event for Marina.

Somehow, I am trying  to see  a silver lining in it.

Trying to remain positive with your well laid plans and intentions is tough.

It is more challenging when things get derailed.

While communicating with several persons over at Whatsapp… I browsed through FB.  Coincidentally, there were a lot of news feeds about taking care of ones health. A clear sign for my intention supposedly  numero uno.

And for the nth time,  just the day before as well, I swore to avoid lurking on FB because a piece of news bothered me endlessly. Making me feel that social media especially FB is really bad for the health.

I found this piece of information confirming this realization and stand to avoid it like the plague for the meantime.

People may like you or not because of your exposure (over or not)  in social media.

They can actually make things more tough because of what your said or did not say.

And this issue of LIKES is so  not likeable at all.

It is addictive enough that your well being is attached to it. Tsk tsk.

Good luck to me on my stand of  abstaining from it once more.

 May it help my daughters have a better formation of their self esteem.

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