Thursday, June 22, 2017


This morning I am still bristling at a supposed unintended computer glitch , an anomaly, a phenomenon without  practical nor a  reasonable explanation. Perhaps a  Facebook virus that has somehow flagged my thank you to a greeting as a SPAM.

Before confronting person B about it, I inquired from person A (the sponsor of the post) about how I was notified that my comment was marked as such.

It took a while for person A to react owing to the time difference of the people involved.

But, left with our own devices to find out how to mark a comment as a SPAM…my daughter and I learned the steps. It is different for a desktop user to an android or iphone user. It definitely is not a single CLICK.

Why am I not keeping quiet about this? Simply because…BULLIES abound.

They have different ways of making you  feel  IRRELEVANT OR INSIGNIFICANT with a downright INSULT blanketed in the guise of  INCREDULOUSNESS or ANONYMITY.

A famous quote reminds us that you will not feel INSECURE or DISRESPECTED without giving the CULPRIT the permission to.
Exactly why I chose to call out his/her/it’s blatant disregard for decency and civility.

I do not demand that they LIKE me…just DO NOT STRIKE OFFENSIVELY.

I would more incline to adhere to the saying, “If you cannot help, at least do not hurt.”

I cried aloud OUCH as a reminder. Hey, you have stepped on my dignity, maybe you have not realized it.

Each person reading the situation will have his or her opinion about it.

We are all entitled to it.

I do not have control over that…but, the only control I have is not to participate in the MALICE or INTENT of the tag.

No matter how I look at it…being  labeled as a nuisance, irrelevant or irritation is far from correct or right. It is an arrow of hate with a noose attached.

Perhaps, I have such a big head and ego as a twin.

But…I know that an INSULT is the weapon of a coward posing as a TROLL.

A BULLY hiding behind  what? The truth?

“To fail to love someone in any of these situations is failing in kindness. But, to say nothing or to not be honest with people is false kindness.  In some cases, we may literally be killing them with kindness of this sort. Jesus told us not to judge (people). But, he also obligated us to address harmful behaviors and told us that “The Truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32).