Monday, February 6, 2012


Today’s gospel reading tells us about Jesus’ healing presence. The mere touch of his clothes tassel brought efficacy and healing for those who sought healing and wholeness.
These past several days…I have been in much want.
Time and energy runs out on me as quickly as water in sand.
I have to then prioritize things.
Seeking God’s abiding presence in my own prayer time is such a challenge. That I do have to find the discipline and effort to carve it in my schedule.
I now bask in His presence.
Jesus was a crowd drawer and traffic stopper everywhere He went as He did His business.
People were drawn to Him.
Before, when we went to the celebration of the Holy Mass, it meant fasting for at least an hour before and putting on our Sunday’s best. But these days, not so much maybe. Mass goers can done some walking shorts and some sneakers and they’re good to go.
One cannot judge the book by it’s cover though. Yesterday, I came in at Homily time already, pushing my baby’s stroller with her still half dazed with sleep and the bumpy and almost rapid ride to church. You see, it is quite challenging to prepare with a baby in tow.
Sometimes, I wish and pray for a full time maid. Hmmm… sometimes.
Anyway, my collar was still half folded around my neckline…sheepishly, I had to fix it in the early minutes of us zooming in and finding the nearest available seat. Good, we got one near the window and a good spot with a strong electric fan.
So? Do I reflect the Holy presence of Jesus in my daily round?
There is the rub.
Jesus, I seek you.
Jesus, abide in me.
So, I can bring your healing presence in all my tasks and especially within my home where my daughters and husband may see You in me.
Emmanuel, Jesus, I trust in You.

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